Never Had a Facial? All You Need to Know

The lights dim, the music is soft, the door closes. then what happens?

For those of us who have never had a facial it’s sometimes helpful to know what to expect so here is your step by step guide to Facial Treatments at The Beautiful Truth in Peterborough.

1. Getting Ready

Your beauty therapist will ask you to pop your top off, move your bra straps down and make yourself comfortable under a towel on the bed. She then leaves you to get ready in private.

2. Deep Cleanse

Your therapist removes all your make up so she can take a really good look at your skin.

3. Examine

Our ESPA trained therapists are renowned for their skin analysis and they will talk you through exactly what is happening on your face and why – you might think you are dry when you are actually dehydrated!

4. Exfoliate

Professional Exfoliation = Better Results.

Professional exfoliation products have more active ingredients than over the counter ones so need to applied only by an NVQ level 3 qualified therapist. With the added benefit of a professional facial steam this is my personal favourite bit of a facial!

5. Extractions

Sound worse than they are! Your therapist will remove any blackheads, spots and blocked pores to leave you with a clear complexion.

6. Massage

Pressure point, neck, shoulders, a little bit of Indian head or perhaps some hand and arm? It’s your choice at this point depending on where you carry you stress. Your therapist will focus on your problem area.

7. Finishing touches

We wouldn’t let you leave without all the best products to make sure your skin is ready to face the public. Eye cream, moisturizers, SPF and a little bit of mineral make up if you aren’t going straight home!

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