3D Lipomed - Fat Freezing

Do you have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t shift even with diet and exercise?


3D Lipomed Fat Freezing can reduce the amount of fat in the treated area by up to 40%. Pain free, minimally invasive and low risk this non surgical alternative to traditional lipo suction has taken the aesthetics industry by storm.

A special gift for you

Enter you phone number here for our friendly front of house manager Vanessa to contact you and book your 3d Lipomed Fat Freezing treatment for just £99 per area.
Ts and Cs apply, treatment subject to consultation and availability.

Treatable Areas

Include but are not limited to:
  • Upper arms
  • Lower and upper abdominal
  • Inner and outer thigh
  • Chin
  • Love handles and back.

What is fat freezing?

Commonly known as Fat Freezing, Cryolipolysis targets specific areas of fat. The cells are cooled to -6 degrees at which point cell crystallisation occurs. These dead cells are then naturally flushed out of the body in the normal bodily systems over a period of weeks.

Healthy cells are unaffected and normal activity can be resumed immediately. It takes approx 2-4 months for the full result to be seen and it could remove up to 20-40% of the targeted cells within the treated area.