I’m often asked what the best products and treatments are to help improve the appearance of ageing skin and wrinkles. So I wanted to talk about my own experience with my skin ageing and how it has changed since hitting 35.

I’m fast approaching 40 (!) and over the last 5 years I’ve had a little girl and have neglected myself a little bit. I’ve been adjusting to being a working mum and all the logistical nightmares that brings that I’m sure many of you can related to.


Working in the beauty industry means I’m under a certain amount of pressure to look presentable, and previously it’s been relatively straight forward; good cleanser and moisturiser seemed to keep me looking alright, along with the occasional peel or facial.

However, I found over the last 5 years that I was looking and feeling older; I was tired, I was stressed, I was juggling too much and my skin was suffering terribly.

So after doing some research, attending some training and learning about women’s skin as they age specifically, I’ve established that after the age of 35 it’s all down hill for our skin!

The depressing fact is that our skin stops producing collagen (that amazing stuff that keeps us looking young) at 28! Our skin survives in a relatively similar condition until our remaining collagen stores are depleted at around 35 then after that the lack of collagen results in sagging, wrinkling, loss of tone and texture. This definitely explains why I feel that I aged far more between 35-39 than I did between 30-35.

I don’t want to look old. I mean, I don’t want to look 20 but I also don’t feel like, at 40, that I should be giving up on looking and feeling youthful.  I’m inspired by these timeless celebrity women like Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopez who look amazing in their 40’s.

So what can women of my age group do?

The focus should be collagen stimulation; those fibroblast cells that produce collagen need waking up, shaking about and stimulating into producing collagen again like they did in our 20’s. The only problem is that the only way to do this is by getting into that layer of skin where the fibroblasts sit and heating them up and until now the only way to do this is by radio frequency or ultrasound.

However there’s a new generation of collagen stimulation treatments – Laser skin rejuvenation! And ‘The Beautiful Truth’ is the only salon in the Peterborough area to offer this treatment.

Is it wrong to say one of the reason I invested heavily in a medical grade long pulsed ND Yag laser for the business was for selfish reasons?!

I read the research, I saw the clinical studies and I thought” I need some of this.”

Yes it takes time and yes it’s not cheap and no it’s not a relaxing facial BUT laser skin rejuvenation is effective, clinically proven and one of the few treatments can dramatically increase the amount of collagen in the skin, thus making it look fresher and younger.

So far I’ve had 2 laser skin rejuvenation facials with our ND Yag laser. They’ve not been painful and I experienced only a couple of hours of redness.  Since having them I’ve noticed I look better and even my husband has commented “you look less tired” a compliment I think?!

Best of all, last week a 27 year old client said to me “How do I get skin like yours? ” and that obviously makes it’s all worth while.

I’m not Jennifer Anniston but I am feeling a little more like 30 year old me again.


For more info on laser skin rejuvenation than please feel free to book a free of charge consultation by calling 01733 555540.