Fire, Ice and a little needle!

The options for obtaining your dream silhouette through non surgical body sculpting treatments are wide and varied. I hope this blog article gives an idea of what options are available, a realistic expectation of treatment results and the things to look out for from this new generation of non surgical lipo choices.

The first thing to consider is if you are suitable for treatment, non surgical body sculpting procedures are not a weight loss aid. Clients with a BMI within the healthy range are the most suitable candidates and will see the most significant changes. You also need to be in good health, not pregnant and over the age of 18. If you fit this profile then you could be enjoying new body confidence after a few pain free treatments.

You also need to consider what exactly is your concern? Is it a pocket of stubborn fat that just won’t shift through diet such as under the bra strap or upper arm. Or is it a part of your body that you would like a over all measurement reduction from such as waist or thigh circumference.

Also is the skin in the area affected?f For example  Mummy Tummy pouches are generally caused by a   combination of  skin laxity and excess fat that needs to be treated with a combine modality approach that tackles both problems. Generally hard fat will be visceral and unsuitable for treatment but subcutaneous fat just underneath the surface of the skin is the ideal target tissue.

Different body sculpting treatments are more effective for certain concerns. Reputable clinics will provide a free of charge consultation to assess exactly what your primary concern is and recommend a treatment plan with accurate pricing and likely outcomes.

So how does it work?

Generally with body sculpting technology the treatment modalities will either heat the fat up or cool it down. Fat cells can’t tolerate extremes of temperature, once the fat cell is exposed to above 42 degrees c as with treatments such as laser or ultrasound or below -5 degrees as with treatments such as Cryolipolysis cell death occurs and the body can process the cells and remove them. There is also the option to inject deoxycholic acid into the required area of the body that dissolves the fat cell The lipids are released and eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system.

All body sculpting treatments should be carried out by fully trained aesthetic therapists or medical doctors in the case of injectables. Though these treatments when carried out correctly are relatively low risk it is important that the practitioner you choose is experienced and fully insured which generally requires an aesthetic qualification or medical degree. Also choosing a well established practitioner or clinic that has good reviews from previous clients/patient is key to look out for. Price is not always the best indication to be led by as reputable clinics with good quality aesthetic equipment will price accordingly. If it seems too cheap to be true I would exercise caution!

Side effects to non surgical body sculpting treatments can include and are not limited to bruising, swelling and numbness however in our experience at the clinic we find the treatments are generally well received, discomfort is minimal and client satisfaction is high.

I hope this article has helped if you are considering trying treatment and I am always available for free of charge consultations at our clinic in Peterborough City centre if you have any further questions!

Annalisa Phillips

Clinical Director

The Beautiful Truth

40 Cowgate