As injectable treatments continue to rise in popularity more and more injectable practitioners appear on the scene with a variety of prices and products on offer. I’m asked everyday in practice about injectables and I personally have been having Botox and Dermal Filler treatments since I was 30 (too long ago to think about!!) so this article gives my personal perspective on the 3 key things I look for when considering an injectable practitioner for my own treatment.


From beauty therapists to paramedics it seems at that anyone who might potentially know how to weld a needle is offering anti ageing injectables now. Just a quick google search for Botox in Peterborough alone brings up more than 25 potential venues to have a Botox treatment. For me I would only consider treatment with an medical professional for injectables such as Botox, Dermal Filler and Aqualyx.

Being an advanced aesthetic practitioner myself I have LOTS of anatomy and physiology qualifications however medical training is to a deeper level again and for me that’s a must when trusting someone to put a needle in my face. I want to know that the person treating me can prescribe my Botox treatment ( a licensed medicine) themselves and not have to use a 3rd party for a prescription. I also want to be sure that they would be able to diagnose and treat and potential side effects or problems quickly and with medical expertise.

So a Medical Doctor or a nurse prescriber would be my injector of choice. Saying that I have had some outstanding Botox and Dermal treatments from a Dentist before as they can prescribe and are also obviously medically trained.


How easy are they to get hold of? Do they answer your questions professionally and thoroughly,

Do they have to travel miles and miles to see you? Can you book a touch up/follow up/check up easily. For me all of these questions are a must when considering a practitioner for Botox or Dermal filler. I want to know I can access them quickly and easily if I’m worried in and outside of working hours so being based in Peterborough is a must. Its important that as part of your aftercare your practitioner provides you with contact details that you can use if you think you maybe experiencing a problem.

I’ve found that often if a practitioner is travelling to multiple clinics and is from outside the area you may not be able to see them for a review appointment at the ideal time which is around 2 weeks post Botox or Dermal filler after initial treatment. Having to wait longer until they are back in the area can be frustrating if you need a little adjustment after your first sitting so a resident medical professional would be my personal preference.

Product Choice

Like Pepsi and Coke not all brands of Botox and Filler are the same. Longevity of treatment is a big aspect of this when considering your Botox treatment. The original manufacturer of Botox, Allergan, who make Botox-Cosmetic is my product house of choice just because I know its been widely tested, its FDA approved and I personally do find it lasts me longer than the other brands I have tried.

When it comes to Dermal filler, different viscosities of product are better for different areas so make sure if you are considering cheek fillers your practitioner stocks filler specifically for cheeks, as is trained to use it. Again some brands will last longer than others with Dermal filler, its usually reflected in the price so for your first time a cheaper brand that lasts less time maybe a good choice if you don’t know if you want to commit long term. However for me I’m all about the less is more when it comes to treatment so I would prefer a small dosage of a higher quality product that lasts the longest time.

I hope this has given you an initial idea of what to consider. I also look for technique, ethos and training and many other things but I will cover those on another article shortly. In the meantime for any advice or help when considering any aesthetic treatments then drop us a line at the clinic