How Does 3D Lipo Ultrasound Work?

How does 3D lipo ultra sounds work? It’s all about the science! 

I am naturally a sceptic, I don’t believe in marketing blurb or shiny ads or outlandish claims. For me I like to see evidence, proof and facts before I make a decision to try anything!

So for those of you who are naturally suspicious like me.I thought I would do a little blog about the science behind 3D lipo as we very commonly get asked in consultation “so how does it work then?!”.

Specifically, I’m talking about 3D lipo ultrasound cavitation which is the treatment we prescribe if the clients primary concern is inch loss for the tummy or hips.

When I had my demo from the manufacturer of 3D lipo I was a little sceptical about the claims that ultrasonic waves would dissolve the membrane of a fat cell. My mind was soon changed when they showed me a jar of water with a raw egg bobbing around inside. And sure enough once the ultrasound cavitation hand piece was brought to mouth of the jar the egg literally exploded into the water after vibrating so fast its membrane was destroyed.

This exact same principle works for the fat cells within the body. The ultrasound wave affects the subcutaneous fat cells just below the service of the skin; it destroys the membrane of the fat cell at which point the fatty acids inside can be broken down by the bodies lymphatic system and passed out of the body in the form of urine (which is why it’s so important to drink water during a course of treatment).

The result is less fat in the area we have treated with 3D lipo ultrasound cavitation.


We’ve been using 3D lipo ultrasound cavitation for 3 years now and have seen inches lost in courses of treatments from numerous clients.

The best results are obtained by those who stick to a healthy and balanced diet, and drink at least 2 litres of water a day during their course.

Treatments are an hour long and you need 8 of them once a week for the maximum results. There’s no pain or discomfort during the treatment and you could see a difference even after your first one. 3D lipo Ultrasound cavitation has no down time and is a low risk procedure.

We carry out a free of consultation before your treatment and will discuss your own personal body goals and medical history during this time.

So if you think this amazing technology could help you get the black dress figure you want for this festive season then please get in touch to book your free of charge consultation.


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